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Visiting a doctor can be stressful. We know it helps potential ​patients feel comfortable ​with a new physician when they see others have had positive experiences. Below are a few success stories from patients we have treated for acute injuries and chronic pain, without invasive surgical procedures. If you’ve visited our offices, we’d love to hear from you also!

Patient Testimonials

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I have been suffering from extreme ankle and foot pain for the last 4 years and didn’t want to have traditional tendon repair surgery on my ankles or my feet due to the risk as a 62 year old male. The foot and ankle pain was becoming debilitating and significantly impacting my quality of life. Dr. explained what she was going to look for with an ultrasound and shared her findings. She suggested that I participate in physical therapy and purchase inserts for my low arches. Additionally, Dr. Dharia shared with me a new medical procedure/technology called PRP. Her office researched my insurance coverage and called me with the facts I needed to make a decision to undergo the PRP procedure. The procedure itself was one of the most professional experiences I have ever had.

I have recommended Dr. Putcha and Dr. Dharia to several family members and co-workers. The whole experience has been unbelievable. The results have been fantastic as the pain has gone away and I’m walking normal again.

-​ ​Z.E. Edgewater, NJ