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Visiting a doctor can be stressful. We know it helps potential ​patients feel comfortable ​with a new physician when they see others have had positive experiences. Below are a few success stories from patients we have treated for acute injuries and chronic pain, without invasive surgical procedures. If you’ve visited our offices, we’d love to hear from you also!

Patient Testimonials

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“Total pros who make you feel very comfortable and secure about the procedure I was having – excellent experience. Anytime you do something surgical, it takes a little extra time so don’t be in a rush, and definitely go to National Health Rehab as they are truly amazing. Great experience from check-in, to the prep with the nurses, the anesthesiologist and ​Dr. Putcha explained everything in detail very clearly, and the operating room staff were incredible. Plus, I had a great result. I would recommend this place highly and give it 5 Stars.”

​- ​C.F. Edgewater, NJ