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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Solutions

Sports medicine is a field of medicine that treats, diagnoses, and prevents exercise- and sportsrelated injuries. It can also be used to prevent and manage chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension through exercise intervention. Sports, Pain & Regenerative Institute is recognized as a reputable provider of top-notch sports medicine solutions.

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Lower Back

Musculoskeletal issues that affect the spine including Spondylolisis. Nerve compression, herniated discs, and muscle pain / spasms.



Muscle strains, nerve impingement, labral tears, and bursitis.



Ligament tears (ACL, LCL, MCL, PCL), meniscus tears, bursitis, and tendinitis.


Foot and Ankle

Achilles injury / tendon rupture and Plantar Fasciitis. 



Sprain, fracture, disc bulges, disc herniation, and nerve impingement.


Shoulder and Upper Back

Labral tear, tendinitis, bursitis, and rotator cuff.


Achilles Injury and Tendon Rupture

Although the Achilles tendon is a strong fibrous cord, it can rupture if overstretched. SPRI will help alleviate and manage the pain and reduce your chance of developing future Achilles-related injuries.
SPR Institute - Achilles Tendon Rupture

Hip and Knee Bursitis 

Our physiatrists will use physical therapy to improve your range of motion, flexibility, and overall strength. Therapeutic exercises are designed to help diminish pain and inflammation to promote healing.

Hip and Shoulder

Labral Tear 

Are you concerned about the pain in your hip or locking sensation in that area? Don’t worry; our hip and shoulder labral tear solutions will help reduce pain and stabilize your joints. If you require surgery, our physical therapy solutions help promote healing post-operatively.
Shoulder Tear

Knee Ligament Injury 

Damaged ligaments can cause the knee joint to become unstable. Torn ligaments severely limit knee movement and are extremely painful. Whether you require treatment for an ACL or LCL injury, we have got your back. Our experienced physiatrists will provide the support that you need during the post-surgery recovery process.
Knee Ligaments

Meniscus Tear 

The lateral and medial menisci are two large C-shaped cartilages positioned above the knee’s tibia bone. These cartilages help protect the knee joint while bending, climbing, running and walking. In addition to athletes, anyone can tear a meniscus and cause the knee to “lock.”
Meniscus Tear

Lower Back Pain 

Persistent lower back pain can interfere with your quality of life. Because multiple treatment options may be needed to alleviate and manage the pain, patients may experience a significant amount of stress. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that SPRI will treat your symptoms in a non-invasive manner.


Spondylolysis is a stress fracture in one of the vertebrae. The injury may be caused by sports that involve repeated stress on the lower back, e.g., weightlifting, football, and gymnastics.


Spondylolisthesis occurs when a vertebra moves out of the proper position onto the bone below it. Fortunately, it can be treated by strengthening the supportive back and abdominal muscles through physical therapy.

Plantar Fasciitis

If you experience a stabbing pain in the heel upon taking your first steps in the morning, plantar fasciitis could be the cause. We will use our plantar fasciitis solutions to ease your pain and reduce inflammation in the foot.
Plantar Fasciitis


Whether it is a painful elbow, knee or shoulder, tendonitis can affect just about anyone. The pain may build up over time or be severe from the get-go. If you feel concerned about the cause of pain, don’t hesitate to consult with Sports, Pain & Regenerative Institute today.

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