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What is Restorative medicine? 

Repairing, restoring, and replacing damaged tissue with stem-level therapy (regenerative) is a newly emerging field which seeks to harness the potential of human cellular components to heal and regenerate injured tissue.  We are now able to precisely separate and concentrate plasma, platelets and other cells which are rich in cellular restoration and anti-inflammatory proteins from the blood or bone marrow. Restorative plasma and/or marrow concentrate can then be used as a therapeutic tool to “jump-start” or “boost” the body’s own natural healing process to treat a wide range of acute and chronic injuries and painful conditions.

Is Performance Rehabilitation & Restorative Medicine New?

In recent decades, there has been constant improvement in the training, techniques, and tools that physiatrists use in performance rehabilitation and restorative medicine. Physical medicine and rehabilitation were actually brought to light by the American Medical Association just after the second world war and treatments have been supported and improving ever since.

Today, performance rehabilitation and efforts to restore functional movement from damaged or strained tissue is a well-established branch of medicine that helps hundreds of thousands of patients every year heal and live pain-free. Physiatrists and pain medicine doctors help patients who have been involved in car accidents, sports injuries, and much more, get better and continue with their lives.



Powerful treatment for chronic pain and acute traumatic injuries

Performance rehabilitation and restorative medicine has several specialties that practitioners can specialize in that include sports medicine, joint and tissue damage, spine pain, and spinal cord injuries among others.

One of the most recent therapies coming to light to treat these issues, is the clinical ability to help jump start the beneficial growth of new, healthy cells. This cell renewal by stem-level healing has been proving to be very effective in reducing pain and improving damaged tissue.

It has also helped many athletes to resume their careers after serious injuries that would otherwise have seen them retire from sports.

This treatment takes a comprehensive approach that combines some or all of diagnostic clinical care, rehabilitation, preventative learning, and healing therapies help result in the best outcomes for the patient.




Restorative Aesthetics

The field of restorative medicine has introduced exciting new treatment options for patients seeking medical aesthetic services.

Restorative Aesthetics allows the practitioner to use the patients own cellular components, to help restore, repair and rejuvenate areas affected by various conditions including; fine lines, wrinkles, scarring from acne or other causes, and even hair loss among many other conditions which have shown to have proven benefit from regenerative aesthetics.

regen aesthetics - prp

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