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Nitin Putcha, DO

Dr. nitin Putcha, DO

Dr. Putcha is a highly skilled specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with greater than 5 years of experience treating a wide variety of sports, brain, spine, and musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Putcha earned his medical degree from New York Institute of Technology, and completed his residency training at the University of Miami/ Miller School of Medicine. He is the founder and CEO of National Health Rehabilitation(NHR). NHR is an organization of physiatrists with the primary goal of promoting acute level Physiatry care and maximizing patient function.

Dr. Putcha’s passion is to aid those in need, particularly those post-injuries. He specializes in Regenerative and Pain Medicine. Whether it be low back, shoulder, knee, hip pain, sports injuries, post stroke, traumatic brain injury or spine injury, Dr. Putcha individualizes his treatment plan with a focus on functional restoration. His mission is clear: to treat injuries in a step wise, non-invasive, fashion that delivers results, patient empowerment, and improved education. Regardless of the time of onset from the initial injury, Dr. Putcha’s comprehensive approach will address all points of your care. Frequently patients are quick to choose more invasive treatment protocols such as surgeries as a sole treatment plan. Our goal is to treat the patient as conservatively as possible, and make him/her aware of all of their options before undergoing major surgery. Dr. Putcha focuses on utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to optimize the patient’s function by integrating physical therapy and interventional techniques to yield the most favorable patient outcomes.